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We are a Magento agency that specialising in Customised Solutions for online stores around the world.


About us

Style-Cost was founded in 2007 and since then delivers high quality Magento e-commerce solutions.

Since the beginning we give great importance to the needs of our client’s business, aligning them to our experience in the Web market and bring new life to their online business. This is why our work is recognized by the market as leaders in developing solutions supported on Magento E-Commerce platform. We also allow that our Clients strengthen their skills, enhance their investment and thereby increase their competitiveness in domestic and international markets.



Delivering new online solutions is what we live for and we are sure we can do better than anyone else. We have all the expertise for a successful implementation project with people who specialize in different platforms. Whether you are setting up your first online or migrating to a new platform.


Design and content are important parts of creating an experience for the customer and, after the offer, is the most important for a successful online business. Clear graphic design enables the customer to feel safe and can identify with the brand


Continuous improvements mean driving traffic to the site, converting visitors to their goals, and getting customers to come back and are 3 key areas of optimization. Style-Cost has integrated optimization in our development process, which means that we work with constant improvements throughout the life cycle instead of an extensive launch project.

Platform & integration

We want you to focus on developing what makes you unique and innovative and not struggle with inventing the wheel of building standard functionality for your store that most other stores already have. Innovation means designing something together with you that is unique and pioneering, but also developing business models with new ideas and using new technology to become more profitable.


The analysis phase is perhaps the most important phase in a digital project and the choices made here will guide the business for many years to come. A good choice allows companies to grow and develop, while wrong choices often result in high costs and that the company can no longer be competitive


Being active in online business is complex and requires a dedicated partner such as ball gloss and support. We offer support in several different areas. For many e-merchants, it is business-critical for the store to function and we offer 24/7 support, around the clock, to help with problems and troubleshooting.

Quality Work, Guaranteed

Our team is our pride and joy. Highly skilled and professional people that work hard daily to bring the best out of Magento.


More than 400 tailor-made commerce solutions launched all over the world have provided us with the experience to help your online business succeed.

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